Gold contains no oxides and therefore will not tarnish or corrode.

With regular wear however it will accumulate a film of soap and body oils. Gold jewellery should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain its beauty and patina. A soft lint free cloth is an effective way to keep your gold jewellery looking shiny and lustrous.

Generally, the higher the carat weight of gold, the softer the metal for example 9ct gold being alloyed with other metals, tends to be more resistant to scratching than say, 24ct gold.

Gold is a relatively delicate material and particularly susceptible to damage from chlorine which can cause permanently damage or discoloration. For that reason you should avoid wearing gold jewellery when using chlorine or bleach or while in a pool or hot tub. 

We advise that you store your gold jewellery separately so that it does not rub or scratch against each other and preferably in the Sheenashona jewellery pouches and boxes provided

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