As with all things luxurious and precious in life, your diamonds will need a little care and attention to ensure they remain in pristine condition, allowing you to experience their pleasure time and again. Shop our diamond collection

Diamonds may be the hardest substance known to man however they can still be damaged or dulled. It is also possible to scratch a diamond with another diamond.

Therefore we suggest that you -

  • Store your diamonds individually in the Sheenashona Jewellery pouch and box provided
  • Remove your diamonds when doing any manual work such as gardening, as although diamonds are durable they may chip or fracture as the result of a sharp blow
  • Ensure your diamonds do not come into contact with chlorine bleach or any other chemicals as this can discolour the mounting. You should therefore also ensure that you remove your diamond jewellery before entering a pool or hot tub
  • Clean your diamond jewellery in a warm bowl of soap with a soft toothbrush, rinsing the stone and setting afterwards to ensure no soapy residue is left behind