At Sheenashona we will help you discover the natural beauty of diamonds cut to perfection with peace of mind. We offer the finest diamond jewellery and outstanding customer service. Shop our diamond collection

Ethical Sourcing
At Sheenashona we only purchase diamonds from suppliers who are full participants in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).  

Independent Diamond Certificate
Our diamond rings and pendants come with an independent certificate from grading laboratories such as GIA and EGL. 

Diamonds colours are available from D-I

  • D, E - Exceptional White
  • F, G - Rare White
  • H - White
  • I - Slightly Tinted White

Diamonds set in Great Britain
All our diamonds are set in Great Britain in platinum, 18 carat white gold or 18 carat yellow gold.

Every diamond is unique and has its own gemmological characteristics, pricing will vary according to the independent diamond report.