Pearls are an essential item in every girls jewellery box. Natural and unique, pearls are created when a mollusc secretes nacre which forms the pearl. Nacre is deposit layers of crystalline carbonate which are held together with an organic compound called conchiolin which gives each pearl its uniqueness, value and beauty.

Organic in nature, pearls are much softer than most other gemstones and therefore can be easily scratched. The surface of the nacre can wear if there is constant rubbing or through chemical reactions to perfumes and creams therefore it is important that you look after them carefully. Shop our pearl collection.

We therefore suggest that you -

  • Wear your pearls on a regular basis as they react well to the natural oils in your skin which helps maintain their lustre 
  • Apply your cosmetics or perfumes before you put on your pearl jewellery
  • Wipe your pearls after wearing and occasionally clean them with mild soapy water, allowing your pearls to dry before you store them away
  • Store you pearls in the jewellery pouch and Sheenashona box provided, do not store your pearls with other jewellery or in a plastic bag

It is important 

  • Not to clean your pearls with an ultrasonic cleaner as the vibrations may cause the pearls to shatter especially if the nacre is thin or cracked
  • Not to use chemical cleaners such as bleach which may destroy their lustre
  • Not to store your pearls next to excessive heat, as the nacre may crack if exposed to excessive dryness