The Perfect Earrings For Every Day

Recently I was going through my jewellery and accessories. It is always amazing what you find in your wardrobe as you re-organise for the warmer weather.

Now it has to be said up front I do have a wardrobe well three actually with rows of dresses, tops, coats by colour and shelves of bags and boxes of shoes, abet not quite Khloe Kardashian but one can aspire. I have to say that my jewellery collection was however was not as nicely organised as my clothes so the other day I decided to take the time to tidy and re-arrange. 

Jewellery is always something I have been given for birthdays or to mark a special occasion. I have also recently heard a number of mothers saying 'oh my daughter doesn't want a nice piece of jewellery for her 18th or 21st', come on girls are you crazy you are so missing out.

Whilst fashion comes and goes and it is always nice to have some pieces which are on trend, I have always preferred quality over quantity. In addition I am allergic to non-precious metals which makes a very good excuse. I have also always loved that when I put on a nice piece of jewellery as well as making me look and feel good it always reminds me of when and who gave me that piece, a little journey down memory lane.

Looking at my own jewellery collection I realised I much prefer small stud style earrings from my favourite bezel set diamond earrings, to little pearls with cubic zirconia or amethyst gemstone. Whilst I agree it is very easy to wear the same earrings every day and become a little boring, sometimes you just like what you like. Yes many of you may love large hoops so Jennifer Lopez and she looks great in them or drop earrings but for me I never feel that look is right on me.

I guess when it comes to being jewellery expressive I notice I have a lot more variety when it comes to necklaces. From adjustable length necklaces which work with different necklines incorporating freshwater pearls, cubic zirconia or semi-precious gemstones, to love heart and hot kiss pendants and lockets. I also have an amazing collection of bracelets from a large rolled sterling silver cuff which I love, trust me every girls jewellery collection should have a good cuff bracelet if not two or three, to bangles and yes I am that annoying person who loves to jangle those bangles off her desk lol. I also have collected over the years a number of fine chain bracelets which look good on their own and layered depending on what I am wearing.

Overall yes I do have the odd piece of rose gold along with lots of sterling silver but if I am being really honest yellow gold has always been my favourite. So what am I saying, what is the perfect little earring for every day well for me it is something simple and understated, you could almost say classic. I prefer to style up my look and make a statement with necklaces, bangles and bracelets.

Whilst I love fashion I prefer style and if you are asking me what are my top three picks right now at Sheenashona, number one has to be emerald diamond earrings which for me are the perfect cut, number two a little heart shaped yellow gold locket and number three some on trend vogue stacking rings featuring cubic zirconia.

Shop for your favourite pieces of jewellery and create your own style. 


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