If The Sky's The Limit, Say It With Diamonds & Pearls

There is nothing more decadent and luxurious than diamonds and pearls. Fashion comes and fashion goes but investing in some beautiful diamonds and pearls, adding to your jewellery collection is always a wise choice. It is also very important to learn how to wear and store your jewellery properly, ensuring each piece will always look fabulous and adding that touch of luxe to your look.

Budget aside my top five favourite investment pieces from Sheenashona's curated collection includes a wonderful 18ct white gold emerald cut diamond pendant, a pair of bezel set diamond earrings, a drop pink freshwater contemporary pendant, a beautiful pair of Tahitian pearl & diamond earrings and finally the wonderful platinum Alexander Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring. In what order, that's a very good question.

My very favourite diamond cut is the emerald. With long almost art deco lines the rectangular shape as the name suggests was originally developed for cutting emeralds. It will therefore come as no surprise to learn that Colombian emeralds are also my favourite coloured stone. With large open facets, higher clarity grades are usually recommended and of course therefore has the price tag to match but who's counting.

My favourite diamond setting for everyday earrings is the bezel or rub over with an elevated collar which wraps the rim of the diamond in a complete metal edging. This setting is the most secure and protects the diamond. Simply stunning in design and my 'go to' earrings which I must confess I have and wear often, whether I am working or relaxing.

The beautiful colour of Tahitian pearls married with bezel set diamonds are simply stunning. The Tahitian pearl is made by the Pinctada margaritifera oyster, native to French Polynesia, the capital of which is of course Tahiti. Tahitian pearls have the most wonderful shine along with incredible combinations of colours from peacock to pistachio, green to silver. This stunning earring design shouts classic and looks fabulous with a black cashmere roll neck in the winter.

Pink freshwater pearls are also a favourite which is why I chose the contemporary set drop pink freshwater pearl pendant which features a wonderful 10 mm large pink pearl set in 18ct white gold. When worn this pink pearl adds warmth to your décolletage and face, giving you that little extra bit of lift.

Finally I have chosen the Alexander Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring set in platinum which features a brilliant cut diamond, one of the most popular cuts surrounded by a halo of diamonds set an 1920's inspired setting. When you try this beautiful ring on all you want to do is hold your hand towards the sunshine and admire its beauty.

Whether you are buying that special piece for yourself or someone else or you are lucky enough to have been gifted diamonds or pearls I don't know about you but I would rather have one lovely piece which I can wear for years to come. Shop www.sheenashona.com or by diamonds or pearls.


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