The Perfect Ritual - Dressing Up & Afternoon Tea

There is nothing nicer than the ritual of getting all dressed up to go for afternoon tea to celebrate a special occasion. The first decision where shall we go, into the city or off to the countryside ... well I guess that depends on what is open summer 2020.

Okay lets be honest I really do love the ritual of getting all dressed up for any occasion. I just have to say at this point that I have lovely new Ted Baker Ponte black trousers with the perfect high heel boots and no I have not been able to debut them. Whilst I am still looking for that perfect top to complete my look, I am also thinking should I wear my new Autograph dress which again is hiding in my cupboard shouting please let me out, very much like me and probably everyone else in the UK if not the world.

Now that dress would look amazing with a long Sheenashona Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearl Necklace or Orb Locket against the dark blue hue along with a lovely Sterling Silver statement cuff bracelet. Or if I wear my trousers do I need to match my jewellery to the zips on my trousers or shall I mix and match my jewellery metals, maybe I could wear a little pretty gold locket, classic and subtle.

I am now imagining those hot fruit scones, homemade jam and rich clotted cream, yum yum, my old British Airways Friday afternoon ritual. Do you think BA knew I used to only fly them to eat the scones, really it was there unique selling point. I however could never work out why they would serve bucks fizz on European fights in the morning, I mean really I am still asleep and you know I have to go to work ... that was not a perk to indulge in. Flights, travel, airports that’s another dream....

Anyway what about the dance of afternoon tea, firstly the sandwiches and the cakes on the teared stack then the hot scones, fruit ones only please for me. Do you ever want to start with the cakes & scones and see what room you have left to eat the sandwiches. sweet over savoury or is that just me. Do you have coffee or tea, gin, champagne or wine?

I have to admit, I have eaten my way through quite a lot of afternoon teas and I do love to try new places and love when you get many little tiny cakes on the platter. Here's hoping that all the wonderful hospitality businesses can soon reopen and operate fully because I surely cannot be the only one dreaming of indulging in afternoon tea and a good giggle .... In the meantime maybe we will have to satisfy ourselves with retail therapy and shopping online for some lovely jewellery, candles or diffusers at on our brand new website.

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