Christmas Themed Scented Candles

Let's get excited about Christmas and creating the perfect atmosphere for your friends and family over the festive season.

Whether it's baking a wonderful Christmas cake with lots of fruit drenched in brandy, one table spoon for the cake and one for me or a chocolate yule log whilst eating all the frosting from the bowl, come on tell me you don't enjoy that. Meeting with friends or family for a cheeky hot chocolate with lashing of cream and marshmallows or this year’s seasonal spiced latte concoction and sharing a slice of cake. I love popping on some Michael Bublé, pouring a glass of mulled wine or two whilst dressing the Christmas tree and placing carefully all the festive wreaths on the doors and scented candles on the tables, creating that warm and cosy Christmas atmosphere.  

Inspired by Christmas fragrances and all the memories that they evoke, at Sheenashona we created a wonderful selection of Christmas themed candle tins. The ideal stocking filler they are also perfect to add to a Christmas basket of goodies, to give to a neighbour as a "Christmas Minding" as we say in Scotland to buying for friends and family when you visit there home (say it with candles, like the Dutch say it with flowers) to just buying it for yourself because you can and you deserve it.

Our collection of candle tin fragrances includes peppermint candy cane, winter berries, spiced cinnamon & apple, chocolate yule log, mulled wine, Christmas pudding and warm gingerbread. Make your Christmas candle tin gift that little bit special by personalising with a name or couples names.

Shop online at and peruse our wonderful selection of gifts or pop straight to our scented Christmas candle tin collection or glass candle collection.




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